Privacy Policy

We respect customer confidentiality at The Privacy Policy lays out how we capture, use, reveal, safeguard and defend your information affecting the type of media, the media network, or smartphone applications associated and related to the website during your access to our website. Please adhere to our privacy policies carefully. Unless you agree with these privacy policies, please do not use the website.

Privacy Framework Adjustment

We reserve the right to make revisions to this Privacy Policy at any time and without any reason. We will alert you of any changes by changing the most revised" date of this privacy policy. When updated privacy policies are posted on the site, and you are eligible to receive specific notices of this change or modification, any amendments or modifications are automatically made.

What kinds of data do we collect?

We will, in a variety of ways, gather knowledge about you. The details we will gather on the website contains:

Personal data:

Personally, appropriate information such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone, and demographic information, including information about your age, genre, hometown, and preferences, are collected when you sign up for a website or when involved in a range of website events.

Derivative Data:

Our website provides you with details dynamically from all servers, e.g., IP address, version of our browsers, operating system, access times, and sites you accessed right before or after accessing the website.

Financial data:

Financial data, such as the valid number of a credit card or brand card, or expiry date, can be received when you pay, shopping, return or exchange details about our services through the web.

How do we use the data?

For the following purposes, we use the data collected:

  • Promote compliance with the legislation and resolve appeals.
  • Build and manage your account.
  • Send discounts, newsletters, and other content to the relevant promotional advertisement and website.
  • Log, assess, and improve website experience with uses and trends
  • Discourage purchases that are illegal, track burglaries, and protect themselves from abuse.
  • Check for feedback and contact you on your web use.
  • Overcome troubleshooting difficulties and obstacles.
  • Responding to consumer goods and services specifications.
Cookies Policy:

Our cookies are used to promote the use of our website for our clients. When you log in to our website, you can pass cookies to your computer and unlock numerous main features. A cookie is a list of information that your browser gets from the website. This knowledge is preserved or temporarily stored in the hard disc memory of your computer.

Data security:

On remote repositories, the information we obtain from you is safeguarded. We follow the laws and regulations on security and secrecy in this archive of your records. We ensure that the whole information our customers receive is 100% assured. We know how necessary this knowledge is for you, and we respect your trust in us. Therefore, we guarantee that this information is not leaked and kept as confidential as you would like.

Data exchange with third parties:

It is necessary to remind vendors, including airlines, about your travel items, such as seats, food, etc., on our platform in time. We also share data for investigational purposes with every law enforcement organization demanding the data.

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